Martìne – Why is this music not available on iTunes?

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I’ve been obsessed with this (click above) sexy, moody song since I heard it on this short film for Yves Saint Laurent’s 2012 cruise collection a while ago. The only hint of what song it might was at the end when music was credited to Martìn Gutierrez, but when I went searched to find him or her, (it wasn’t clear; the vocals were undeniably feminine, yet Martin is a man’s name), the song was nowhere to be found. Not one of his/her songs on iTunes either.

So I Shazamed the video, no luck. The song didn’t seem to exist. I looked up every possible title I could think of for the song: Silver Tongue, Tears from a Gun, We Goin’ Bigger than Before, Shootin’ Up the Floor, Be My Love, Put Your Hands Up, Don’t Cry, My Love, You Shot Me Down. Nothing.

I became obsessed, playing the song over and over. I started typing the lyrics into a Google search and finally found the song on But I still could’t download the song and add it to my mercurial writing mix I so desperately depend on to get me “in the mood.”

 The other day I was having another music moment. I’ve been in dire need of adding new songs to my kids’ playlists. If I hear Believe by Cher (don’t ask), Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars (I should have thought before adding that one) or if I go to bed one more night with What Does the Fox Say (which I’ve heard at least 125 times this week alone) plaguing my dreams and ultimately disrupting my mental state, you will likely end up reading about me in the newspaper.

After I found a few new kid-approved (and parent-tested) songs for my kids, I remembered the YSL song and decided to open the bookmark I had saved where I could listen to the Martìne song over and over, just like my son and his favorite songs. I was surprised to see that I could now buy an MP3 of her songs and download all of them for $4. Now her song IF is my new favorite and all the Martìne songs are on constant rotation in my writing playlist. I wrote 127 pages this week, so I guess she’s helping me feel inspired!

I also saw that Martìn Gutierrez has a new, minimal website, complete with all his/her Martìne’s songs (it turns out gender play is part of Martìn’s thing, which is why I was initially confused)… and videos. There is even a website channel,, which is dedicated to her often grainy, fast, arty, chic, funny and slightly weird videos. 

I also wasn’t surprised to learn that Martìn Gutierrez is an artist… not just a music artist, but an actual artist who works with photography and video and one who just had a very well-received show (read the New York Times review) at the Ryan Lee Gallery several months ago.

I’m glad I got to the bottom of that mystery song. I hope you enjoy Martìne’s songs as much as I do! 

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