A Perfect Lady: Abigail Lorick

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Abigail Lorick is lovely. I can’t think of a better word to describe her. She has a softness and sweetness about her that almost seems as if it comes from a different era. A time when “stress,” in the emotional sense, wasn’t a word defined in the dictionary. A time when wearing full-skirted petticoats and twin-sets were the norm and good-manners were de rigeur (Abigail is from the South, so good manners come naturally). Even her hair is baby soft, baby blond and kind of fluffy. She is kind of a human version of an angel.

Abigail Lorick

After all the years that Abigail has lived in New York, she hasn’t taken on any of the hard edge that most of us can’t help but learn to possess. I have always admired this about her. She is soothing to be around, yet still very wise and very real.

Abigail also has a wonderful style, which makes sense since she is a fashion designer. She has a cool kind of vintage style. She fits in on the Lower East Side as well as she does on the Upper East Side. This is probably why her first collection, called Lorick, was selected to play Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion line in Gossip Girl: it fit the bill (which happens to be Abigail’s dog’s name. Bill is a great dog’s name.).

Since Lorick and Gossip Girl, Abigail has ventured on to other collaborations, including a capsule collection for H&M called “Other Stories” and she is now designing for Cynthia Rowley.

Oh, and Abigail is also a model, which you might have guessed from her ethereal good looks; she was modeling full-time before she went into fashion design.

Abigail Lorick modeling Rowley Eyewear.

Abigail Lorick modeling Rowley Eyewear.

I am pretty lucky to know this lady and to watch how she keeps becoming more and more lovely, and talented, each year that goes by… and how she seems to become more and more herself with each passing year.



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