Lauren David Peden

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This is an easy post to write. The reasons why I like Lauren are completely obvious to me.

I met Lauren when I worked for Fashion Wire Daily. She was kind to me then and only became more kind and generous after she left. In the fashion industry you meet all kinds of people. People who are fantastically creative, people who are talented, people who are fun and people who just need you when you are useful to them and that’s it. It’s the same as in any profession. However, in my experience, you don’t often come across people who want to help or mentor you. Everyone is so busy… I’m not complaining, but Lauren really made an effort with me and I appreciate that.

After leaving FWD to pursue various other writing and/or editing opportunities, she would always ask if I’d like to contribute to whatever she was working on. If there was a job she was too busy to accept, she’d recommend me. That’s not typical of a freelance fashion writer. She brings her friends up alongside her, never using anyone to get ahead, just holding their hands as she hurried along her path. When she began covering a hundred shows in New York each season for British Vogue ( and they needed her to do more, she called me. Whenever she was my editor, she embraced my style, never changing anything but typos, which gave me confidence in my work. That is invaluable. Writing for thousands of eyes is daunting and you are always second-guessing yourself.

I also love Lauren’s enthusiasm and appreciation for fashion as a craft. She gets it. She loves the avant-garde and accepts the pretty-pretty things for what they are. She doesn’t judge fashion based on her personal tastes (it’s an easy thing to do), but appreciates what designers are saying and gets that there are billions of different kinds of people in world and all of them have their own preferences. She is quick to point out what is fresh and exciting and composes written yawns at what is staid and unenterprising, giving an analytical little push to those she feels need one.

Lauren’s website,, gives you a good taste of her passion for fashion.

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