Martin Margiela and his simple and completely engrossing notes from his 2014 couture show:

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Cherie from the sublime vintage boutique, Shrimpton Couture, just asked me to write a short piece for her CURATE blog about the sheer amazingness of Maison Martin Margiela’s 2014 Couture notes. Below I have the words I wrote for CURATE, but be sure to click through to see the notes alongside the looks from the show… Reworked “vintage” at its absolute best:


Show notes, the pieces of paper or little folders that are lying on your seat when you arrive at a fashion show, are not a uniform thing. For me, someone who used to make her living reviewing shows, they were usually quite useful, sometimes even saving me a trip backstage for a quick interview with the designer. Other times the notes were so abstract, they left me no choice but to go back for a proper explanation in layman’s terms.

Show notes will sometimes give you details about fabrics (sometimes not), tell you what influenced the designer that season (or maybe not), who styled the show (usually not), with special thank-yous to whoever did the hair and makeup, etc.

But never have show notes been as clever and straightforward as they were at Maison Martin Margiela’s recent 2014 couture show. With details about the provenance of the vintage materials that were transformed to make each piece, the hours it took to make each piece and the artist who designed the fabric prints he often re-used, the Maison raised the show notes bar to a whole new – well, frankly, noteworthy – level.

Below we dive in deeper to Margiela’s show notes, reprinting them with their corresponding looks in order to show you, firsthand, the amount of time and extraordinary detail that went into each piece…


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