Sara Battaglia just made a Lady (of) Me…

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A few years ago, when her company was relatively new, I did a post about my friend, the handbag designer, Sara Battaglia. (Yes, that’s really how she looks. She’s a little bambolina… which means “doll” in Italian.)

I wrote the piece way back when her bags were not as easily recognizable as they are today, but they were definitely just as attention-grabbing. Whenever I wore my Acheora, fringy leather tote in a myriad of beautiful green tones from her first collection, people would stop me left and right to ask me who designed it. I said, with great pride, “My friend Sara!”

Me and my Acheora. Photo by Mindy Veissid

Me and my Acheora. Photos by Mindy Veissid

These days Sara has started to make quite a name for herself… and for her clients, literally. If you follow any of the street style powerhouses on Instagram, and I mean the women who have really impacted the way fashion works: Mira Duma, Anna Dello Russo, Bianca Brandolini, princess Deena Abdulaziz, Rachel Zoe, Karolina Kurkova, and, of course, Sara’s sister, Giovanna Battaglia, then I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about: Sara Battaglia’s bespoke Lady Me clutches.

Bespoke Lady Me clutches from Sara's Instagram.

Bespoke Lady Me clutches from Sara’s Instagram.

Forget subtle monogramming, these bags are not for the fashion shy. Sara’s little bags emblazon your name in metallic gold lettering atop a shiny patent emerald green, lipstick red, pool blue or fuchsia pink. You choose.

Gio chose red:

Giovanna Battaglia red Lady Me Sara Battaglia clutch

Anna chose fuchsia:

Anna Dello Russo pink Lady Me Sara Battaglia clutch

Sara also chose fuchsia:

Sara Battaglia Lady Me

Rachel Zoe went for cool blue:

Rachel Zoe Lady Me Sara Battaglia clutch

Bianca also decided on blue:

Bianca Brandolini d'Adda and Sara Battaglia

Karolina Kurkova went for red:

Karolina Kurkova Sara Battaglia red clutch

And, not that I exactly fit into the above group, but I chose green… again. (I’m Irish. What do you expect?):

EDDIE BORGO Paris Fashion Week Dinner Erin Hazelton Giovanna Battaglia Sara Battaglia

What color are you?

If you’d like to order your own bespoke Lady Me, email

And just to give you an idea of another Sara Battaglia bag… and how cute she and her sister are together:

Sara and Gio in Paris last week. Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

Sara and Gio in Paris last week. Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

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