Running for a Reason: Natalia Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation

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Sometimes you need a reason to run.

My most recent excuse was that it was winter. Winter in the Alps, where we live. Running in the winter has never been something I’ve chosen to do. Never. I also don’t run on treadmills. I don’t do a lot of things, secluded here in the winter.

A few weeks ago I realized I needed to stop making excuses. I was sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap. I was planning a family trip to Paris on March 1st, when our kids would be on their winter holiday. It also overlaps with fashion week, which is great because I’ll be able to see a lot of friends I don’t often see anymore, but kind of annoying because I’m not working like I used to, therefore I have no reason to go to a million shows… and then to parties… and to be too tired to take care of my kids the next day.

But my son has been asking to climb the Eiffel tower and my daughter incessantly just wants to get dressed up “like a princess and go on a date,” so I figured Paris would be the perfect place to take them for their vacation. A dose of culture, and Paris is also an hour or so from Euro Disney, which will be a whole other kind of cultural experience…

But still, something was missing.

I was on my computer looking to see what else was going on that week when, giving up, I picked up my phone and opened Instagram. I was greeted by a photo from Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) and a group of women in running gear, arms thrown up in the air, ready to overtake Paris. Below it said that anyone was welcome to join her team for the Paris Half Marathon to raise money for her Naked Heart Foundation. The race would take place on March 2nd. Perfect! But we would have less than a month to train, but the kids could see Brook and I run a race to do something good for someone other than us: raise money for to build summer camps for kids with special needs.

The Instagram shot that inspired...

The Instagram shot that inspired…

We applied and made the cut!

Our training has been a bit hindered by a bout of sickness knocking us out for a good week, but we are back on track now and we very much look forward to running on March 2nd!

Please help us support these kids and provide them with an opportunity to have a lovely, fun, safe summer after a very long winter…

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